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We realized that people are drawn to beauty because we were made for it. See, the garden of Eden was a place that actually existed long ago. It was a garden rich with all beauty and splendor; it was filled with living creatures, breathtaking scenery, colors of all kinds, and most importantly, it was filled with joy. It was there that man and woman lived and talked with God, enjoying perfect union and peace like the world has never known since that time. However, a deceiver came to the garden with the intent of disrupting and ruining all the beauty that God created for the man and woman. The deceiver, a serpent, lied to the them and caused them to doubt the good promises of God. Motivated by the serpent's deceit and propelled by their own selfish desires, man and woman rebelled and sinned against their creator, despite all that had been beautifully created for them. As a result of their lust for power, God banished them from the garden, cursing them and cursing the ground they walked on. The beautiful world that they had come to know crumbled around them, and only a semblance of what Eden looked like remained. From that time since, man has known only violence, poverty, greed and death.

Though man disobeyed and ruined creation, God had a plan. All along, before the creation of the world, having known what the deceiver would set out to do, He sent His son Jesus into the world to become a man and correct and undo all that the deceiver had done to ruin creation. Jesus lived a life of complete obedience that the man and woman could not live out in the Garden. He died a gruesome death that was meant for man and he became the curse of mankind its ultimate form.  Because of this, Jesus is the redeemer of all Humanity and all of creation that was lost when man fell, for all those who believe in Him and the work he had done.  He reversed the curse.

God is Redeeming Eden through Jesus. We are only small participants in the grand scheme of His plan. We believe we can play our part in participating in God’s work by emulating Him and doing three chief things:

     -Helping to end Poverty.

     -Helping to stop Human Trafficking.

     -Helping to spread the Good News of God in Jesus.

When God sent Jesus to defeat the work of the deceiver, he accomplished these ends. Jesus is making all things new. We continue His work by giving a portion of our profits to support these causes.

We invite you to become partners in the work of Redeeming Eden with us. With every purchase you make, you can help end poverty, stop human trafficking, and reverse the curse. Tell us how you'd like to help and which of our causes means the most to you when you make your purchase. We'll donate to that cause in honor of you.

 End Poverty, Stop Human Trafficking, Reverse the Curse


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