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Q.  Do you sell all live succulents individually?

A.  Way may in the future, but for now all of our current stock is available in the arrangements you see on this website.


Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A.  Unfortunately at this time, we only ship to the contingent 48 states.


Q.  Do you sell rooted succulents?

A.  Yes,  all of our arrangements are live and rooted freshly delivered to your home or garden.


Q.  Are you a non-profit organization?

A.  No, Redeeming Eden operates as a for-profit organization , our intention is to donate a portion of our profits to three main causes.  We support non-profit organizations that focuses on causes that end poverty, stop human trafficking, and spread the good news of God in Jesus.


Q.  Are you a Christian Company?

A.  While the principals owners are Christian, and our core values reflect our beliefs, Redeeming Eden is not organized to be a Christian Company per se.  We seek to operate a company in a world of business that is known for good quality products and good works.


Q.  Do you take custom orders?

A.  Yes and no. Yes, because helping people beautify their home or event is one of our goals.  We'd love to help!  No, due to the nature of customizing our products to high degree we cannot always fit a custom order in our production cycle.  The best way to find out is by calling us (888-459-2224) or going to the contact page and filling out a form  Give is us a brief description of what you would like to accomplish.  We'll get back to you and let you know if we can fit it in.


Q.  I sent you a direct message on one of your social media feeds, you haven't replied

A.  Thank you for contacting us. We simply cannot answer all the messages or comments left for us through social media sites messaging systems.  We are sorry for this.  While we try or best to communicate with everyone, the best way to contact us is by emailing info@redeeming-eden.com, calling or filling out the contact page.






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